Two years ago we had an idea, upon this idea we started a company called Old Line Events. Our mission was simple: Educate people by holding events to raise money for farms. We realized that the stewards of our land and health were in need of our help. We wanted to help the family farmers who have looked after us for generations. The small farm that will only grow organically and free ranged. The entrepreneurs of our fresh food system.

Through numerous conversations with local people, communities, activist, and politicians we realized that we , as a culture, were in a high demand for these people and the foods they provided us. But the cost of feeding us was far exceeding the benefits of doing it. This is when our idea evolved.

We realized that with the change we needed to find a new way to convey what our new mission was. We became Old Line Inc in order to show this change through our name. Our Mission still ended with the farm. What we did was started to create a new path by bringing the farm to the people. To promote this idea we came up with our farm sticker. By introducing just the word in a common manner we realized we could spark a conversation about farming.



We are an educational non-profit dedicated to producing a more sustainable future for generations to come. We hope that you will help support us in growing a better tomorrow. Because we can, together. Old Line